About me.

I'm a photographer. I capture light through my lens and onto a computer chip. Then I manipulate those images until they are the best version of themselves that they can be. It's not rocket science, but it does take years of practice. I'm especially good a creating images that sell your products. Whether it is clothing or jewelry or cars or guitars, whether you are selling on Amazon or in your catalog or website, I can help you sell more. I got into photography because I was selling products online myself. I realized that, unlike customers in a brick and mortar store, my customers were not buying my guitars and violins. They were buying images of my guitars and violins. I was just shipping them actual guitars and violins. But they were really buying photos. I quickly learned that if I displayed accurate and beautiful images of my products, sales would increase. Each time I updated a product with a professional and unique image, sales of that item would skyrocket. I studied photography and bought professional equipment and after a few years, I was taking and editing my own fantastic photos. Several manufacturers started asking me who was taking these photos and if they could have their number. I was flattered, but more importantly I was enjoying myself. Sales were great, but I found that the most enjoyable part of my business was the photography.  I decided to become a photographer full time. With an immediate source of clientele in the Southern California music industry, I was off and running. I soon branched out into more types of products and other locations. Traveling all over the world to help businesses sell more products. First Nevada, Florida and New York, then Canada, Spain, and the UK. Then I started the product photo shipping service, where clients send me product and I send them back professional images (and their products back, if desired). 

People often ask me if I do other types of photography. I do, but products are my specialty. I've done some weddings, quinceañeras, proms, pets, babies and corporate portrait photography, but product imaging is what I do best. So that's my focus (no pun intended).

I also do video and music. Film scoring is something I really enjoy. I was in a fairly successful band in the 90's and early 2000's. We traveled all over the world for about 10 years. I have published over 50 songs, written and produced 3 full length albums, licensed music to dozens of commercials and video games and been credited in dozens of films and television shows. My music has been featured in the Billboard charts several times and I've won awards for producing. I love to do sound design, theme song writing, and scoring, but photography is my current passion. You'll still find me playing guitar just about every day though, making noise and having fun.

Outside of music and photography, I have a passion for soccer. My first love. I call it football. I've played all throughout my life, in between injuries and traveling. I play as often as my aging body will allow but I also love to watch the professionals on television or, even better, in the stadiums. I'll talk your ear off about football so don't get me started. 

Well, that's me. I'm looking forward to hearing about you now, and your project. Shoot me and email from the contact page, or call me.

Talk soon,